Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Saving the Earth - Saving Humans

There is a distinct preoccupation with saving the planet, humans and animals on Earth. When we are born here, we are instantly responsible for our environment, which is after all part of us.

This is not the saving I am talking about.

People suffer.

Other people want to stop people suffering.

They want to stop people suffering even though the people who are suffering are actually doing so by their own choice.

Unless a person decides they have had enough suffering and want to stop suffering, there is nothing anyone can do to help them.

More, a great majority of individuals put a lot of value and treasure suffering like it was made of gold and diamonds. The gold and diamonds that will pay their ticket to salvation and heaven.

YOU are not here to save the world, and nor am I. We are not here to save anyone. We are here to BE HERE NOW.

If a beggar in the street asks you for money, you can do several things, one is to give him money and move on. Another is not to give him money because he will use it to buy drugs or alcohol and you judge that to be wrong. Another is to give him a lecture about his predicament. Another is to buy him food. Another is to try to save him by taking him to a shelter or addiction treatment center, or back to his family.

What is the right thing to do?

Well, any really. There is no judgment.

If you try to save him by taking him to a shelter or addiction treatment facility, you are wasting your time, but at least it will make you feel good.
Unless, of course, the beggar came to you in the street and said, "please help me, I am sick and tired of being an addict, I want to get my life back, please help me."
If this was to happen, I reckon that your actions will be very effective and the addict will recover.

How likely is that scenario to happen? Not very.

And there is the key and the problem. You cannot save every addict beggar in the street.

How does this compare to the rest of the population?

It is the same.

Suffering and Ascension

Suffering and pain is part of being human. Pain will happen with injuries and loss. These can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Suffering is the attachment to that pain.

As a human being we have lived many lives and had suffered every kind of injury, death and loss that is possible here on Earth. We have had our spirit broken so many times that it would seem impossible for us to ever recover from it.

Yet we persist.

There are other beings who have lived full cycles of their existence in other realms. Although those realms will give them very particular experiences, they don't compare to what they can experience on Earth. Not that one is superior to the other. In fact many who have done their full cycles here on Earth will be born into those other realms to experience life there too.

When a very fine vibrational being comes to a very heavy vibrational reality such as ours, he or she will arrive with a full entourage to make the journey with him or her. His or her experiences here on Earth will be felt by the entire group, all of them learning what it is like to BE human.

A lot of the time the fine vibrational being will stay connected to his or her reality in the finer vibrational realms and will go through life from that perspective. They will see the differences between their experience of what life is and the experience of humans very clearly, but often will not delve all the way into the human experience. The person will always feel like an outsider, different and often "superior" to the rest of humanity.

At some point, the person might chose to delve all the way and to do this they have to lose all contact with their vibrational family and reality. Because they are not equipped to survive on Earth as an earthling, the person will often go into a deep and desperate cycle of loss and pain.

Is this necessary?

Only if the person wants to experience true duality.

The person's vibrational family will feel the loss as much as the person who has gone into disconnect. They cannot do anything to reconnect. Not until the person is ready and expands his or her perception back to a wider spectrum, a spectrum wide enough to encompass communication (in the form of presence, love, messages) from their vibrational family.

How can the person widen their spectrum? It can happen in an instant. It is done by becoming completely and utterly human NOW. Experiencing present moment fully and unaltered through his or her senses, the person is immediately connected to his or her entire being. Including that which is part of a finer vibrational family.

But a lot of people are not here from finer vibrational realities. They are here as humans and have been humans for a long time and many of them are addicted to suffering. These last ones think that if they don't suffer they will not evolve, will not appreciate beauty and happiness and will not grow.

Yet, all a person need to do to appreciate, be happy and grow is BE HERE NOW and APPRECIATE, BE HAPPY AND GROW. Feel the unconditional divine love which is the persons essence and simply experience life.

Like a skier going down a mountain, she doesn't hold on to the snow she slides on, she doesn't try to hold the fresh cool air that touches her skin, she doesn't hold on to the trees that speed past her and she doesn't wait to experience those things after she is done skiing. She simply experiences them in present time. If she tried to do anything else but be in present time, she would not really experience skiing, she would experience something else completely. She would experience suffering.

Suffering is the holding on of something past the event or incident. This includes waiting for something else to happen.

All a person gets from suffering is simply the experience of suffering. Nothing else.

A woman recently wanted me to honor and respect her path of suffering and gave me a lecture on how Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and other heroes suffered and how if they had not suffered they could not have done the work they have done on Earth. Well, I will not honor and respect her path. I accept it and understand it is important to her. But in my personal experience, suffering is a complete and utter waste of time and energy, unless one wants to experience suffering itself. And that is ok.

In my humble opinion, I would say, that instead of suffering, experience life NOW.

Monday, March 30, 2009

We are human.

Often I will talk about "when I feel something in my human form" or "I experienced that in human", or "that person can really speak human."

When I express myself in this manner, it seems to give the impression that I am not human. Or that the listener is not human.

Often people will tell me what planet or vibrational dimension they are from. Often they ask which one I am from.

We are here to experience life as Humans because at this moment, this present time, we are human. It doesn't matter where we came from, what planet we identify with, what vibrational family we are working with. The most important job you have to do, is BE HUMAN NOW.

But what does it mean to be human?
Does it mean to delve into Drama? Suffering? War? Love affairs? Lamborghinis?

Well.... Yes, and No.

We do need to experience those things and have been doing so for many lifetimes, or one lifetime. However, the true experience of being human lies in becoming complete present. Coming to present time and sensing with all our human senses right NOW. Observe, experience, feel.

Ascension simply is becoming all that you are right now. This integrates your humanity and all your other -"tys".

Trace back to where you feel at home. That is the place you exist from as a human being. Experiencing being human NOW.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Permanency of Ascension

I have been asked by various individuals whether after going into an ascended state, experiencing it, will they come back to their previous state or whether they will be able to live their entire lives in that ascended state.

There is no set rule to this.

One person can stay in their ascended state for the rest of their lives and beyond. Another will have periods of ascension and then periods of their lives as an individual in duality. However, the more they allow the perception of their ascended state to exist, these periods will become longer and the periods of perception in duality will become shorter.

Why do we come back to a perception of duality when living in an ascended state is so much more desirable?

It is simple. We have perceived in duality for a long time. It is a well known and well traveled road. Our identity is often tied up with Earthly concerns and leaving that behind is difficult.

We are still in a world asleep, so if we fall into slumber it is not a big deal. It can be frustrating, but it is normal. However, we do have the tools to wake ourselves up again and if we do so, the state of Ascension will become permanent.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ascension and Oneness

Ascension: movement in an upward direction. But unlike a movement up in a hierarchical sense, it is much more like one of two musical notes, one with a higher pitch than the other. Neither note is superior in any way to the other. They simply sound differently.

Oneness: The state on non division. Perception of reality as one consciousness, one Being.

This blog is mostly concerned with Ascending into a state of Oneness. That place where Divine is All that there is. Experiencing life in this state is one of bliss, ecstasy and wholeness.

But are we all interested in this goal? No.

Therefore, reaching our personal state of ascension is when we stop moving "upward" in the vibrational scale because we have reached a place where we are happy, content and want to stay in for the next day, life, million years or forever. Is the state reached "Oneness"? Not necessarily. Is it a lesser state? No. There are no hierarchies in Oneness, that would be a contradiction in terms. And, the truth is that each one of us is already in Oneness. We just can't perceive it, or have life from that viewpoint automatically when we enter Earth.

We are here to play games, to have experiences and to BE in Present Time.

Ascension, then, means that a person moves from depression to a place of contentment. From enlightenment to a place of Oneness. From contentment to utter happiness. Is one superior to the other? No.

Why bother with ascension? Because we chose to. As the person ascends to higher vibrational awareness, they ability to do (power) increases. The game become more interesting.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gaia - apocalypse - 2012

I recently heard a person say that Gaia doesn't give a shit about us humans. That Gaia will continue to exist whether we are here or not. That it will transform regardless of whether that transformation will support human life or not.

Well, Gaia is an integral part of you as a human being. It is as much a part of you as your body is. Therefore Gaia transforming to become something different inevitably means that it is you who is transforming to become something different.

I was at a meeting of highly evolved and enlightened individuals and at one point a lot of fear was expressed with regard 2012 and what is going to happen then.

The feeling was that there is going to be a tremendous change, one that is already being felt by the collapse of the financial system and extreme weather conditions throughout the world.

The fear expressed in the meeting was in the inability to survive, being burnt alive, lack of food for our children and much more.

Fear is the biggest stumbling block to ascension.

The truth of the matter is that those experiences have been happening on earth for thousands of years. Persons have been unable to survive here due to hunger, have died in the most horrific ways, have lost their children to starvation and more.

So what is the difference? Loss is loss, no matter if it happens to you or a person in the next continent. Chances are you have experienced loss in this lifetime as well as many other lifetimes. It is no big deal. You will not cease to exist.

The change will be experienced by each person differently. Some will in fact see no change what so ever because they are not ready for it. Other will be burned alive because that is the experience they need to have. Others will transform into different physical beings, a change in DNA which will allow them to exist in a wider range of vibrational experience, having the physical body being a minor or non existent part of themselves.

Earth, Gaia, will change too, into whatever it is that you want it to. A heavenly paradise, a post apocalyptic adventure, a continuation of what it is today... there is no limit. There is no judgment.

Leaving the Body - Ascension and out of the body experiences.

The concept of leaving the body or having an out of the body experience are erroneous. You cannot leave the body because they body is in you.

What you can do is change your point of view.

We live quite limited by having our viewpoint behind our physical eyes. When you learn to expand it to encompass not only your body but your environment and your different dimensions, that's when you can fully see that the body is in fact inside of you, as is the world.

Carnal Pleasures and the Ascension Process - Sex and Enlightenment

When we think of carnal pleasures, or pleasures of the flesh, the first thing we think about is sex. Of course there are other pleasures of the flesh, such as eating, drinking, enjoying nature, music, art, conversation... all the pleasures we gain from our physical senses, our body and our mind.

Carnal pleasures are not incompatible with ascension. In fact they can help. However, they are a two edge sword, just like any modality based in the body, mind or spirit.

For our existence on Earth, love and pleasure are closely related. Physically speaking, they create a lot of the same chemicals. We say things like, "I love to dance", "I love to eat", "I love sex."

I know I do.

Going without is not the answer. Indulging every pleasure can also become a trap. The way it traps is by sex or physical pleasure being hijacked by the ego, or small self.

Take a sexual union for example. Both parties fully aware that they are divine beings and want to create a sphere of divine love which is greater than the individual parts put together. It is a powerful concept. Intention is the key here. Enjoy and love each other fully. When the words start coming in such as "you are mine and only mine", "I don't want to share you", and other controlling and owning energies come to the surface, the flow is no longer what it can be.

Both parties can go into the ascension through pleasure relationship with an agreement to be exclusive to each other for as long as it takes. This is actually recommendable, especially at the start when both parties will be dealing with a lot of love flow and change.
However, the problem begins when it is not an agreement but a necessity due to insecurities, control, fear, anger or possessiveness.

Some of the people I have helped by providing an ascension consultation report becoming sexually aroused during the process. So an understanding of how the energy of love and that of sexual pleasure are linked physiologically speaking helps to get past this stage as it can otherwise be a stopping point for the person involved. The stopping point comes about because for a lot of us sexual energy and work of the spirit seems to be incompatible due to our upbringing.

The energy the person feels during the process, the one they become aroused with, is divine love. It is in fact themselves they are feeling. Their true essence. The key here is to let the physical feelings to fully express themselves energetically and let them expand as much as it can, engulfing the body, the room and the entire Earth if needed. That energy is part of the person and has to be embraced by the person.

Sexual arousal and libido often will increase when traveling the route of love to ascension, which is why I often suggest to my students to get a boyfriend or girlfriend. Hey, why not enjoy the experience and take full advantage of it!!!