Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Purpose of Life - Inelia Benz

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ascension In Modern Life

Ascension In Modern Life

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Diet and Ascension

Many ascended masters will tell you that you need to become a vegetarian before reaching Oneness. Or any type of spiritual ascension.

Some will put other conditions, such as do not kill, do not take poisonous substances such as alcohol, drugs, tobacco, pornography or violent films etc.. And also many will tell you not to fool around if you are in a marriage or long term relationship.

Is this true? Will you not reach enlightenment and Ascension to Oneness if you carry on eating steak, drinking wine and sleeping with your neighbor's spouse?

Well, the moral conditions are there due to our personal sense of right and wrong. If we do wrong, we feel guilty, if we feel guilty we are not in a place of core center. And if we hurt others, then we will not feel good about it. Lying is actually very destroying to the lair's soul. Nothing good ever comes of it. Being completely and utterly true to yourself is always the best option.

Of course, if you already were unfaithful, being true to yourself doesn't mean running to your spouse and spilling the beans. Unless they ask you directly, don't hurt them. Of course if they ask you, then tell them the truth.

Eating meat is actually not necessary. It does have a ton of toxins and does keep you down. So does a lot of refined sugar for that matter. As well as garlic and onion.

This does not mean you cannot get there if you carry on eating all these things. It does mean your journey will be long and arduous. More than if you got rid of toxins of mind and body.

At a certain point you will find that all these things are irrelevant. Eating habits, moral habits, toxins, they can all be bypassed. But it takes a very strong spirit.

Personally speaking, I am not that strong. I had to detoxify and stop eating onion and garlic, stop drinking alcohol, cut down on sugar, caffeine and chocolate.

Now, this is all to do with the body. The body houses our spirit and our ego is very close to it. The fastest and best way the ego has to put a stop to, what it thinks, is its retirement, is to make the body sick.

At the end of the day, to protect our body and make our journey a safe and fast one, it is recommendable to delete toxins of all kinds from our environment.

Eating fresh fruits, vegetables, milk products and no eggs or meats or toxins does make your Ascension work easier. But that is all it does.

All this talk about how killing animals to eat them adds to your karma and how alcohol is the Devil's drink are simply ways to get the message across.

Yes, a lion does eat other animals, but you won't find a lion meditating to achieve enlightenment and ascension ;)

In short, yeah, all these ascended masters are onto something here.

If you do decide to detoxify, the rate you do it at is entirely up to you. I cannot recommend you do it all at once because most of us would suffer if we did that. If you are totally decided on this, then go ahead and do it. Otherwise take baby steps. Cut one item per week and give yourself six months to see if it makes any difference to you.

The toxins that are bad for me are the following and in order of worse to not so bad:

Refined sugar
Chocolate (probably due to all that refined sugar in it)

Go ahead and try them too. I found these because the more ascension work I did, the more these substances made me feel really, really sick.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sickness and Ascension

Does being in an ascended state mean your body will never get sick again?

The body will continue to go through sickness and death whether you are in a state of ascension or not.

It is much easier to cope with physical sickness when you are in an ascended state. This is because the vibrational energy you are functioning with is much higher, which means wholeness, healing, is achieved much quicker at a physical level.

Ascended beings still get sick and die. It is part of life on Earth.

It is also true that people who function in an ascended state very rarely get sick. And when they do, it is mild and passes quickly.

I get sick when I experience a block in energy. The blocks inevitably come due to ego issues that I have not addressed. So, for example, if I give myself a hard time because of a session not going as well as I intended, or because I don't like a certain person in my life, or because I am afraid of doing something, this will often turn into a physical condition very quickly. It is, for me, a great alarm system. If I ignore the problem I get very sick very quickly. If I address it, I stay healthy. Easy.

Do I suffer? NO.
Do I feel pain? YES.

When the sickness is painful it is extremely difficult to tap into one's core, and BE in present time, feeling the joy and ecstasy that that state is. It takes a lot of doing. However, it is precisely the moving away from that core that brings the sickness up in the first place. Therefore it is very important to get back to it :)


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What is the meaning of life?


We came here, to Earth, to experience. Whether we are a diamond, crystal, indigo, rainbow, or Earthly child, whether we are enlightened, materialistic, dense, light, can see angels or nothing at all. We are here to EXPERIENCE.

What we came here to experience is ourselves, complete, fully, and integral. All of ourselves, which includes everything we consider part of us. Whether this includes just our bodies, our bodies, minds, spirits, or includes our surroundings, our spiritual guides, our earthly families and friends, our interests. Whatever it is, if it comes into our awareness, then we are here to experience just that.

If you came to Earth with a huge sense of mission, then you are here with a mission.

Remember though, and be warned, the thing about missions is that most of them by default will come with sides. Us and Them, Right or Wrong, Beautiful and Ugly, Joy and Suffering.

Think about it. Are you here to take sides? Be honest.

By taking sides you are adding to duality and all that duality entails.

Of course there is a mission that, in my humble opinion, surpasses all missions. That is the mission to EXPERIENCE LIFE NOW. BE in total present time and fully experience every second that you spend on Earth.