Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What is the meaning of life?


We came here, to Earth, to experience. Whether we are a diamond, crystal, indigo, rainbow, or Earthly child, whether we are enlightened, materialistic, dense, light, can see angels or nothing at all. We are here to EXPERIENCE.

What we came here to experience is ourselves, complete, fully, and integral. All of ourselves, which includes everything we consider part of us. Whether this includes just our bodies, our bodies, minds, spirits, or includes our surroundings, our spiritual guides, our earthly families and friends, our interests. Whatever it is, if it comes into our awareness, then we are here to experience just that.

If you came to Earth with a huge sense of mission, then you are here with a mission.

Remember though, and be warned, the thing about missions is that most of them by default will come with sides. Us and Them, Right or Wrong, Beautiful and Ugly, Joy and Suffering.

Think about it. Are you here to take sides? Be honest.

By taking sides you are adding to duality and all that duality entails.

Of course there is a mission that, in my humble opinion, surpasses all missions. That is the mission to EXPERIENCE LIFE NOW. BE in total present time and fully experience every second that you spend on Earth.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with this blog.
Having recently become a Mummy at the grand old age of 41-42 (she's a year and a half now) life has become more real, more beautiful and more now.

Inelia Benz said...

I am so happy to hear your news love! Wonderful :)

Matt said...

Beautiful explanation. Living in the moment is the most wonderful feeling. It is so simple, yet so many people don't realize the bliss of living in the now. Always rushing to get this, and that done. Always thinking about what has to be done tomorrow, and the consequences of not doing it today. Instead of stopping, and "smelling the flowers", as my grandmother always say.

Thank you,
Matt (Normalguy31 @ PA)

Mara said...

Thank you for this blog , Inelia . What you write here resonates very well with me . Thank you for sharing you thoughts and wrapping things up in words. xxx