Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Diet and Ascension

Many ascended masters will tell you that you need to become a vegetarian before reaching Oneness. Or any type of spiritual ascension.

Some will put other conditions, such as do not kill, do not take poisonous substances such as alcohol, drugs, tobacco, pornography or violent films etc.. And also many will tell you not to fool around if you are in a marriage or long term relationship.

Is this true? Will you not reach enlightenment and Ascension to Oneness if you carry on eating steak, drinking wine and sleeping with your neighbor's spouse?

Well, the moral conditions are there due to our personal sense of right and wrong. If we do wrong, we feel guilty, if we feel guilty we are not in a place of core center. And if we hurt others, then we will not feel good about it. Lying is actually very destroying to the lair's soul. Nothing good ever comes of it. Being completely and utterly true to yourself is always the best option.

Of course, if you already were unfaithful, being true to yourself doesn't mean running to your spouse and spilling the beans. Unless they ask you directly, don't hurt them. Of course if they ask you, then tell them the truth.

Eating meat is actually not necessary. It does have a ton of toxins and does keep you down. So does a lot of refined sugar for that matter. As well as garlic and onion.

This does not mean you cannot get there if you carry on eating all these things. It does mean your journey will be long and arduous. More than if you got rid of toxins of mind and body.

At a certain point you will find that all these things are irrelevant. Eating habits, moral habits, toxins, they can all be bypassed. But it takes a very strong spirit.

Personally speaking, I am not that strong. I had to detoxify and stop eating onion and garlic, stop drinking alcohol, cut down on sugar, caffeine and chocolate.

Now, this is all to do with the body. The body houses our spirit and our ego is very close to it. The fastest and best way the ego has to put a stop to, what it thinks, is its retirement, is to make the body sick.

At the end of the day, to protect our body and make our journey a safe and fast one, it is recommendable to delete toxins of all kinds from our environment.

Eating fresh fruits, vegetables, milk products and no eggs or meats or toxins does make your Ascension work easier. But that is all it does.

All this talk about how killing animals to eat them adds to your karma and how alcohol is the Devil's drink are simply ways to get the message across.

Yes, a lion does eat other animals, but you won't find a lion meditating to achieve enlightenment and ascension ;)

In short, yeah, all these ascended masters are onto something here.

If you do decide to detoxify, the rate you do it at is entirely up to you. I cannot recommend you do it all at once because most of us would suffer if we did that. If you are totally decided on this, then go ahead and do it. Otherwise take baby steps. Cut one item per week and give yourself six months to see if it makes any difference to you.

The toxins that are bad for me are the following and in order of worse to not so bad:

Refined sugar
Chocolate (probably due to all that refined sugar in it)

Go ahead and try them too. I found these because the more ascension work I did, the more these substances made me feel really, really sick.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sickness and Ascension

Does being in an ascended state mean your body will never get sick again?

The body will continue to go through sickness and death whether you are in a state of ascension or not.

It is much easier to cope with physical sickness when you are in an ascended state. This is because the vibrational energy you are functioning with is much higher, which means wholeness, healing, is achieved much quicker at a physical level.

Ascended beings still get sick and die. It is part of life on Earth.

It is also true that people who function in an ascended state very rarely get sick. And when they do, it is mild and passes quickly.

I get sick when I experience a block in energy. The blocks inevitably come due to ego issues that I have not addressed. So, for example, if I give myself a hard time because of a session not going as well as I intended, or because I don't like a certain person in my life, or because I am afraid of doing something, this will often turn into a physical condition very quickly. It is, for me, a great alarm system. If I ignore the problem I get very sick very quickly. If I address it, I stay healthy. Easy.

Do I suffer? NO.
Do I feel pain? YES.

When the sickness is painful it is extremely difficult to tap into one's core, and BE in present time, feeling the joy and ecstasy that that state is. It takes a lot of doing. However, it is precisely the moving away from that core that brings the sickness up in the first place. Therefore it is very important to get back to it :)


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What is the meaning of life?


We came here, to Earth, to experience. Whether we are a diamond, crystal, indigo, rainbow, or Earthly child, whether we are enlightened, materialistic, dense, light, can see angels or nothing at all. We are here to EXPERIENCE.

What we came here to experience is ourselves, complete, fully, and integral. All of ourselves, which includes everything we consider part of us. Whether this includes just our bodies, our bodies, minds, spirits, or includes our surroundings, our spiritual guides, our earthly families and friends, our interests. Whatever it is, if it comes into our awareness, then we are here to experience just that.

If you came to Earth with a huge sense of mission, then you are here with a mission.

Remember though, and be warned, the thing about missions is that most of them by default will come with sides. Us and Them, Right or Wrong, Beautiful and Ugly, Joy and Suffering.

Think about it. Are you here to take sides? Be honest.

By taking sides you are adding to duality and all that duality entails.

Of course there is a mission that, in my humble opinion, surpasses all missions. That is the mission to EXPERIENCE LIFE NOW. BE in total present time and fully experience every second that you spend on Earth.

Non Duality and Oneness

What is the difference between "non duality" and "oneness"?

These two terms are very often used interchangeably. However, they are not at all the same.

Non duality actually means "not two". Oneness means "One"

To be not two means that the person has reached a level of awareness where they are no longer split into two. This could mean, "good and bad", "negative and positive", "light and dark", "divine and earthly", "right and wrong", and many other ways we tend to split ourselves into two sides.

Oneness means we are ALL. We are complete, whole, integrated. No sides. Not even a concept of sides.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Permanency of Ascension

Once you reach the state of Ascension where you are happy to stay at, and you know it is that space/time/awareness/beingness, that you want to stay at, you will either stay there permanently or come crashing down to your old state of space/time/awareness/beingness and have to work your way back to your state of Ascension again several times.

This second scenario is the most common in our Western society, and most of all in those of us who have very busy and challenging lives.
For us, the periods of Ascension will last longer each time, and the periods of ego will get shorter, although sometimes more intense.
Today, for example, I had my 2 year old in high intensity. That means a day when he wants mommy all the time, screams at the thought of a nap and won't play nice in general. This is a normal state for a 2 year old to be in every few days.

Apart from my two year old's intense company, someone in the house was watching the television at top volume, and others were generally doing things that rub me the wrong way.

I decided that the best solution was to go to my private club, leave my toddler in the supervised playroom while I got some work done. I love doing that, it gives me a break from toddlerhood, they have nice herbal teas and cookies and a nice quietish launge with wifi.

I got there as they were taking the tea and cookies away. They tell me that the Board had ruled that tea and cookies had to be taken away at 4pm... ok... we are in America so perhaps they don't know that 4-5 pm IS TEA TIME. Also, 4pm is when the supervised playroom opens, which means, whoever thought of closing tea and cookies down at 4pm did not think mothers, and the occasional father, who uses the service was worthy of tea and cookies.

I wish I could tell you that I stayed centered, that everything washed over me like it does when one is in a centered and awakened state.


You see, if we lived in a mountain top, with local villagers providing for our daily food, and the only thing we had to do was meditate all day, then sure, our state of Ascension would be a permanent fixture very quickly.

However, we live in a very busy, stimulating and highly challenging world. I feel it, and I have a large house, food, private club, nice car, stable marriage, happy children, great friends and a huge amount of skills to pull from.

Saying all that, it is also true that we can achieve a state of permanent Ascension, even among the most challenging incidents and lives. So how does this happen?

It happens by choice and with focused intention. We do have to find a time, each day, when we can meditate at least an hour. I find that 5am to 6am works great, but it is a huge challenge for me to get up at that time of the morning. My sleep is very important to me. If I don't get enough hours sleep, I can't really function during the day.

As a busy mom, I also find that when I do get to sit quietly for an hour somewhere during the day, I fall asleep with exhaustion.

So what's to do? We have to go straight to the most difficult meditation, to center in the middle of chaos.

The way we can achieve this is by removing all stimulants from our bodies. This means refined sugars, caffeine, excessive carbs, onions, garlic and anything else that “picks us up”.
Not an easy thing to do.

A stimulant free body is a body that will need rest at key times during the day and a good sleep period during the night.

Once the stimulants are removed, your attempts at meditating during the rush hour traffic, among screaming kids, while your spouse is having a bad day, and when you have emotional upsets, will be much more effective.

One of the funniest things about the whole centering experience in our busy western lives, is that for hundreds of years monks, nuns and other people who wanted to get closer to God, have been creating artificial challenges to learn how to get centered while in chaos or pain. Some would take vows of silence, others would go and meditate naked in the snow, and other such extreme measures. They would need these artificially created challenges because most religious temples would not allow married people with children to join their ranks.

So we really have it quite good :)

In the past I would probably not seen past my upset. But even in the middle of it, my center was complete, I looked at the situation and "chose" to get upset. Why? To experience.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ascension and Death

Death is painful for those of us left behind.

A person facing death can be in various states from extreme terror to ecstasy. But at the end of the day, our witnessing their state is going to end soon. For us, however, it is felt as a great and painful loss.

The pain of the loss can be so big we take years to get over it, if ever.

Often, and particularly with those we were very close to, we have a sense of continuity, we can feel the person's energy around us even after their body is gone. But it is simply not the same. We cannot touch them, hear them, share with them, hug or kiss them. All their items, their property, is now left behind and no longer have any meaning, except perhaps the residual energy from the person.

Death is such a loss in our society that we don't talk about it, we don't look at it, we don't even have the opportunity to process it with friends and relatives because they are also too busy repressing the pain of loss they feel themselves.

So how come death is such an important part of Ascension? Well, it is inevitable that we will die and it is inevitable that everyone we know and love will also die. Who goes first? No one knows.

Once in the state of Ascension, you will not suffer because of your own death. You will embrace it with as much gusto as you do life; seeing it as another adventure, an adventure as exciting as each day is in living.

You will, however, feel the pain of others dying. It is very likely that you will soon regain contact with those people who have passed away, unless they were in a very dark space when they died. The latter take longer to be aware enough to be able to contact the living.

Can someone Ascend after death?

Ascension and Groups

It was Jesus that was reported to have said something in the nature of "For where two or three are come together in my name, there am I among them."

It is no secret, although to me it is a real mystery, that when two or more people of a high vibrational nature meet, their ability to affect their own work, lives, environment or visions, is much more effective than when only one person is there. It is almost as though by joining with others, the power generated is greater than the sum of the total individual powers.

For me this is annoying to say the least. This is because I do not work well with others. I don't like to be in groups and can't tolerate crowds very well.

However, when I am with a few people, one or two more, to do a very specific session, it is a fantastic experience.

Even in my personal work, that of channeling information and writing it down afterward, I am much more effective when there is someone there asking me questions or receiving divine love.

So groups are indeed very useful. Are they necessary? Not really. We can do the work on our own, as many, MANY, solitary workers will attest. But it is different. It could be said to be more effort involved at some levels and less in others.

To work in a group there needs to be a group agreement. It is also the nature of human groups to have a leader. Once these are sorted, working in a group can be very satisfactory.

For the group to work, the members of the group need to connect at a heart level to have the greatest effect. Not problem level, or issue level, or mission level, but a HEART level. This means, from a level of unconditional love and open hearts.

I work with people all the time, both on the phone and in person. The work is very specific, but without that love connection, it would be useless to say the least.

Occasionally I will work with a person who really has no business doing ascension work with me. Not because they are "not worthy", but because they have no interest in staying in an ascended state. They will arrive through curiosity, or because his or her best friend had a session and he or she wants to get one too as the latest fad.
These are the hardest ones to work with because they are not in the space from a heart centered perspective. It will take lots of sessions to get them to see Oneness even, let alone experience it. Then they go away and ask for advice on their "path" to Oneness.
When this happens, it is difficult not to roll my eyes and sigh. It could be frustrating too, and there was a time when I would have done all these things. Yet the work stands. It is not a coincidence that they crossed my path. It is true that with the two of us working together at that particular time/space, they did indeed experienced the state of Oneness. Whatever happened to them afterward is their choice, but at least the seed remains. One day, perhaps in this lifetime, or maybe the next, that seed will sprout. When that day arrives, it will become clear that it was not I who planted that seed, but themselves... out of all the "wrong" reasons.

So even in a group, whether small or large, that has only you as the person with the open heart and flow of unconditional love, the work you are there to do can get done.

However, in a group where a lot of the members are negative and have low vibrational perspectives, look for the nearest exit sign and run out of there as fast as you can. This is because the opposite is also true. A group of negative individuals is more powerful in their negativity than the sum of their individual negativity.


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Saving the Earth - Saving Humans

There is a distinct preoccupation with saving the planet, humans and animals on Earth. When we are born here, we are instantly responsible for our environment, which is after all part of us.

This is not the saving I am talking about.

People suffer.

Other people want to stop people suffering.

They want to stop people suffering even though the people who are suffering are actually doing so by their own choice.

Unless a person decides they have had enough suffering and want to stop suffering, there is nothing anyone can do to help them.

More, a great majority of individuals put a lot of value and treasure suffering like it was made of gold and diamonds. The gold and diamonds that will pay their ticket to salvation and heaven.

YOU are not here to save the world, and nor am I. We are not here to save anyone. We are here to BE HERE NOW.

If a beggar in the street asks you for money, you can do several things, one is to give him money and move on. Another is not to give him money because he will use it to buy drugs or alcohol and you judge that to be wrong. Another is to give him a lecture about his predicament. Another is to buy him food. Another is to try to save him by taking him to a shelter or addiction treatment center, or back to his family.

What is the right thing to do?

Well, any really. There is no judgment.

If you try to save him by taking him to a shelter or addiction treatment facility, you are wasting your time, but at least it will make you feel good.
Unless, of course, the beggar came to you in the street and said, "please help me, I am sick and tired of being an addict, I want to get my life back, please help me."
If this was to happen, I reckon that your actions will be very effective and the addict will recover.

How likely is that scenario to happen? Not very.

And there is the key and the problem. You cannot save every addict beggar in the street.

How does this compare to the rest of the population?

It is the same.

Suffering and Ascension

Suffering and pain is part of being human. Pain will happen with injuries and loss. These can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Suffering is the attachment to that pain.

As a human being we have lived many lives and had suffered every kind of injury, death and loss that is possible here on Earth. We have had our spirit broken so many times that it would seem impossible for us to ever recover from it.

Yet we persist.

There are other beings who have lived full cycles of their existence in other realms. Although those realms will give them very particular experiences, they don't compare to what they can experience on Earth. Not that one is superior to the other. In fact many who have done their full cycles here on Earth will be born into those other realms to experience life there too.

When a very fine vibrational being comes to a very heavy vibrational reality such as ours, he or she will arrive with a full entourage to make the journey with him or her. His or her experiences here on Earth will be felt by the entire group, all of them learning what it is like to BE human.

A lot of the time the fine vibrational being will stay connected to his or her reality in the finer vibrational realms and will go through life from that perspective. They will see the differences between their experience of what life is and the experience of humans very clearly, but often will not delve all the way into the human experience. The person will always feel like an outsider, different and often "superior" to the rest of humanity.

At some point, the person might chose to delve all the way and to do this they have to lose all contact with their vibrational family and reality. Because they are not equipped to survive on Earth as an earthling, the person will often go into a deep and desperate cycle of loss and pain.

Is this necessary?

Only if the person wants to experience true duality.

The person's vibrational family will feel the loss as much as the person who has gone into disconnect. They cannot do anything to reconnect. Not until the person is ready and expands his or her perception back to a wider spectrum, a spectrum wide enough to encompass communication (in the form of presence, love, messages) from their vibrational family.

How can the person widen their spectrum? It can happen in an instant. It is done by becoming completely and utterly human NOW. Experiencing present moment fully and unaltered through his or her senses, the person is immediately connected to his or her entire being. Including that which is part of a finer vibrational family.

But a lot of people are not here from finer vibrational realities. They are here as humans and have been humans for a long time and many of them are addicted to suffering. These last ones think that if they don't suffer they will not evolve, will not appreciate beauty and happiness and will not grow.

Yet, all a person need to do to appreciate, be happy and grow is BE HERE NOW and APPRECIATE, BE HAPPY AND GROW. Feel the unconditional divine love which is the persons essence and simply experience life.

Like a skier going down a mountain, she doesn't hold on to the snow she slides on, she doesn't try to hold the fresh cool air that touches her skin, she doesn't hold on to the trees that speed past her and she doesn't wait to experience those things after she is done skiing. She simply experiences them in present time. If she tried to do anything else but be in present time, she would not really experience skiing, she would experience something else completely. She would experience suffering.

Suffering is the holding on of something past the event or incident. This includes waiting for something else to happen.

All a person gets from suffering is simply the experience of suffering. Nothing else.

A woman recently wanted me to honor and respect her path of suffering and gave me a lecture on how Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and other heroes suffered and how if they had not suffered they could not have done the work they have done on Earth. Well, I will not honor and respect her path. I accept it and understand it is important to her. But in my personal experience, suffering is a complete and utter waste of time and energy, unless one wants to experience suffering itself. And that is ok.

In my humble opinion, I would say, that instead of suffering, experience life NOW.

Monday, March 30, 2009

We are human.

Often I will talk about "when I feel something in my human form" or "I experienced that in human", or "that person can really speak human."

When I express myself in this manner, it seems to give the impression that I am not human. Or that the listener is not human.

Often people will tell me what planet or vibrational dimension they are from. Often they ask which one I am from.

We are here to experience life as Humans because at this moment, this present time, we are human. It doesn't matter where we came from, what planet we identify with, what vibrational family we are working with. The most important job you have to do, is BE HUMAN NOW.

But what does it mean to be human?
Does it mean to delve into Drama? Suffering? War? Love affairs? Lamborghinis?

Well.... Yes, and No.

We do need to experience those things and have been doing so for many lifetimes, or one lifetime. However, the true experience of being human lies in becoming complete present. Coming to present time and sensing with all our human senses right NOW. Observe, experience, feel.

Ascension simply is becoming all that you are right now. This integrates your humanity and all your other -"tys".

Trace back to where you feel at home. That is the place you exist from as a human being. Experiencing being human NOW.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Permanency of Ascension

I have been asked by various individuals whether after going into an ascended state, experiencing it, will they come back to their previous state or whether they will be able to live their entire lives in that ascended state.

There is no set rule to this.

One person can stay in their ascended state for the rest of their lives and beyond. Another will have periods of ascension and then periods of their lives as an individual in duality. However, the more they allow the perception of their ascended state to exist, these periods will become longer and the periods of perception in duality will become shorter.

Why do we come back to a perception of duality when living in an ascended state is so much more desirable?

It is simple. We have perceived in duality for a long time. It is a well known and well traveled road. Our identity is often tied up with Earthly concerns and leaving that behind is difficult.

We are still in a world asleep, so if we fall into slumber it is not a big deal. It can be frustrating, but it is normal. However, we do have the tools to wake ourselves up again and if we do so, the state of Ascension will become permanent.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ascension and Oneness

Ascension: movement in an upward direction. But unlike a movement up in a hierarchical sense, it is much more like one of two musical notes, one with a higher pitch than the other. Neither note is superior in any way to the other. They simply sound differently.

Oneness: The state on non division. Perception of reality as one consciousness, one Being.

This blog is mostly concerned with Ascending into a state of Oneness. That place where Divine is All that there is. Experiencing life in this state is one of bliss, ecstasy and wholeness.

But are we all interested in this goal? No.

Therefore, reaching our personal state of ascension is when we stop moving "upward" in the vibrational scale because we have reached a place where we are happy, content and want to stay in for the next day, life, million years or forever. Is the state reached "Oneness"? Not necessarily. Is it a lesser state? No. There are no hierarchies in Oneness, that would be a contradiction in terms. And, the truth is that each one of us is already in Oneness. We just can't perceive it, or have life from that viewpoint automatically when we enter Earth.

We are here to play games, to have experiences and to BE in Present Time.

Ascension, then, means that a person moves from depression to a place of contentment. From enlightenment to a place of Oneness. From contentment to utter happiness. Is one superior to the other? No.

Why bother with ascension? Because we chose to. As the person ascends to higher vibrational awareness, they ability to do (power) increases. The game become more interesting.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gaia - apocalypse - 2012

I recently heard a person say that Gaia doesn't give a shit about us humans. That Gaia will continue to exist whether we are here or not. That it will transform regardless of whether that transformation will support human life or not.

Well, Gaia is an integral part of you as a human being. It is as much a part of you as your body is. Therefore Gaia transforming to become something different inevitably means that it is you who is transforming to become something different.

I was at a meeting of highly evolved and enlightened individuals and at one point a lot of fear was expressed with regard 2012 and what is going to happen then.

The feeling was that there is going to be a tremendous change, one that is already being felt by the collapse of the financial system and extreme weather conditions throughout the world.

The fear expressed in the meeting was in the inability to survive, being burnt alive, lack of food for our children and much more.

Fear is the biggest stumbling block to ascension.

The truth of the matter is that those experiences have been happening on earth for thousands of years. Persons have been unable to survive here due to hunger, have died in the most horrific ways, have lost their children to starvation and more.

So what is the difference? Loss is loss, no matter if it happens to you or a person in the next continent. Chances are you have experienced loss in this lifetime as well as many other lifetimes. It is no big deal. You will not cease to exist.

The change will be experienced by each person differently. Some will in fact see no change what so ever because they are not ready for it. Other will be burned alive because that is the experience they need to have. Others will transform into different physical beings, a change in DNA which will allow them to exist in a wider range of vibrational experience, having the physical body being a minor or non existent part of themselves.

Earth, Gaia, will change too, into whatever it is that you want it to. A heavenly paradise, a post apocalyptic adventure, a continuation of what it is today... there is no limit. There is no judgment.

Leaving the Body - Ascension and out of the body experiences.

The concept of leaving the body or having an out of the body experience are erroneous. You cannot leave the body because they body is in you.

What you can do is change your point of view.

We live quite limited by having our viewpoint behind our physical eyes. When you learn to expand it to encompass not only your body but your environment and your different dimensions, that's when you can fully see that the body is in fact inside of you, as is the world.

Carnal Pleasures and the Ascension Process - Sex and Enlightenment

When we think of carnal pleasures, or pleasures of the flesh, the first thing we think about is sex. Of course there are other pleasures of the flesh, such as eating, drinking, enjoying nature, music, art, conversation... all the pleasures we gain from our physical senses, our body and our mind.

Carnal pleasures are not incompatible with ascension. In fact they can help. However, they are a two edge sword, just like any modality based in the body, mind or spirit.

For our existence on Earth, love and pleasure are closely related. Physically speaking, they create a lot of the same chemicals. We say things like, "I love to dance", "I love to eat", "I love sex."

I know I do.

Going without is not the answer. Indulging every pleasure can also become a trap. The way it traps is by sex or physical pleasure being hijacked by the ego, or small self.

Take a sexual union for example. Both parties fully aware that they are divine beings and want to create a sphere of divine love which is greater than the individual parts put together. It is a powerful concept. Intention is the key here. Enjoy and love each other fully. When the words start coming in such as "you are mine and only mine", "I don't want to share you", and other controlling and owning energies come to the surface, the flow is no longer what it can be.

Both parties can go into the ascension through pleasure relationship with an agreement to be exclusive to each other for as long as it takes. This is actually recommendable, especially at the start when both parties will be dealing with a lot of love flow and change.
However, the problem begins when it is not an agreement but a necessity due to insecurities, control, fear, anger or possessiveness.

Some of the people I have helped by providing an ascension consultation report becoming sexually aroused during the process. So an understanding of how the energy of love and that of sexual pleasure are linked physiologically speaking helps to get past this stage as it can otherwise be a stopping point for the person involved. The stopping point comes about because for a lot of us sexual energy and work of the spirit seems to be incompatible due to our upbringing.

The energy the person feels during the process, the one they become aroused with, is divine love. It is in fact themselves they are feeling. Their true essence. The key here is to let the physical feelings to fully express themselves energetically and let them expand as much as it can, engulfing the body, the room and the entire Earth if needed. That energy is part of the person and has to be embraced by the person.

Sexual arousal and libido often will increase when traveling the route of love to ascension, which is why I often suggest to my students to get a boyfriend or girlfriend. Hey, why not enjoy the experience and take full advantage of it!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

How do I start the Ascension process?

The Ferrari of Ascension modalities is "Love".

If you want to take the fast way there, then start experiencing Love at every opportunity. This does not involve another person, except perhaps in reminding us what love is. This involves you.

To experience Love, you have to open your heart to receive it. Love is you and it is all around you. There is no lack of love in the world and no other person can give it to you. Love is you.

If you know what I am talking about, then start by becoming aware of your Heart Chakra, the spot in the middle of your chest just behind the breast bone. Be aware of this spot during the day and during meditation.

If you have no idea of how to experience Love because life has treated you harshly, then recall someone, a person, pet, or something that you loved in the past. Let that warm feeling appear and be aware of it. Now become aware of your Heart Chakra.

This is by far the best way to start your Ascension process.

After this, sit in silence, and allow Love to flow. This is such a strong and powerful experience that sometimes it can become overwhelming.
The person will often feel dizzy, release strong emotions through crying, will often become sexually aroused or nauseous.

The key is to go past these emotions and reactions and reach the state of Oneness.

It might take a weeks or months of practice to become completely comfortable in this procedure. Stick at it.

What does the process of Ascension involve?

This very much depends on where you are starting from.

Sometimes the journey is easier for someone who has not been on a spiritual or mystical path than those who have. The reason is that inevitably, those who are in a mystical path usually will have modalities they are attached to, might be seduced by things such as psychic abilities, channeling information, talking with angels as well as more earthly skills such as telepathy, the law of attraction and such.

If you are working through one of these aforementioned modalities, and have been able to help yourself and other persons with it, then for you Ascension will first involve realizing that all of the above are as real as the ground you stand on. The skills do not make you superior or inferior to anyone else on Earth, and that they are as useful as any other skill held by anyone on the planet.

The first step you must take, whether you are in a mystical/spiritual path or not, is to star working of the following:

Release of Fear.
Release of Attachement.
Release of Being Right.

Flow of Love.
Silence of Mind.
Acceptance of your essence.
Become as much You as you possibly can.

The first three, those things you release, you must do using whatever modality you find that fits you best.
The one that works for me is to go straight for the Flow of Love and Flow Love to it and myself.
This is done by closing your eyes and becoming aware of the space that is our Heart Chakra. The space in the middle of your chest, just behind the breast bone.

Depending of where you are, this will either bring up big emotional responses to eventually feeling divine love flowing into you and through you, bathing you in bliss and ecstasy.

Silence of Mind can be achieved with any meditation modality. The one I use is the simplest and, in my opinion, most effective method of feeling the air going in and out of my nose. This works whether one is in a quiet space or in the middle of a mall during Christmas shopping.

Acceptance of your essence. You are divine. You are divine love, divine wisdom and knowledge, divine experience and divine consciousness. This is who and what you are. Human words cannot express your true essence, but you will know when you feel it.

Become as much You as you possibly can. This means warts and all. By accepting yourself fully, as a human being and divine being, you will be able to live in the state of ascension where ecstasy is your primary and fundamental experience of living. You will know that everything that happens in your life is an experienced to be experienced. You will know that loss is part of life, that negative feelings are simply messages to show you where you need to work a bit more and will know that everyone and everything around you is simply part of YOU.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Ego and Ascension

Many spiritual and psychological modalities will demonize the ego.


The ego is a necessary "body" we need to wear in order to live in and survive in the world. It can get out of hand and is the main brake on one's ascension process.

Yet it is necessary.

We can easily identify the ego when we feel a strong negative emotion. Whether fear, anger, frustration, intimidation... all these are felt by the ego.

When I trace the feelings, I often find them in one particular part of the physical body.

Next time you feel a strong negative emotion, trace it to a part in your body and then bathe it with love.

A lot of awakened masters have huge egos. This is reflected in the us/them mentality, "my way of doing things is the only way" mentality, and a huge resistance to try or learn any other "modality". They are often "healers" too, with a huge list of returning clients who "need" them.

The ego will battle and fight to survive.

Do I have an ego? Of course I do. All humans have an ego and I exist here on Earth as a human. Does it get out of hand sometimes? YES.

I can be arrogant, or feel a need to be "right", be ignorant of others feelings and outright needy at times.

And when I feel those things, I trace it back to the source and bathe it with love. Sometimes the feelings will bite me in the ass and I will do something stupid, like argue or feel hurt.

One thing though, the battles become silly and a waste of valuable time and resources. And the times of ego become smaller and less damaging, while the times of existing in Oneness become longer.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What does Ascension feel like?

Love is the nearest human word to describe the state of Oneness.

Pure and unconditional bliss in existing as Love.

Each person ascends to the place they are ready for. Each place is unique and precious. There are no two people who have the same experience. The place is not a time/space place, but a state of being who you already are.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Message to Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Rainbow Children and Diamond Children.

Yes, you have probably read a thousand websites telling you that you are special and that you are different. Something you know already.

Why are you here?


A lot of you will have very special gifts, and some will have a very subtle one. The one I am talking about is not normally seen or recognized by people as easily as painting, signing, writing, science, dance and all the other forms of creative expression that we as human posses.

No, the one gift I am here to talk to you about is one that puts you apart from everyone else on Earth. Even Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow and Diamond kids. You are here because you need to BE HERE.

You do feel the same sense of urgency and need to fulfill your mission as all the other kids, but you know it is more than peace on earth, more than expression of love, more than changing society, all of which are beautiful and needed but just another expression of illusion. You may have multiple skills and abilities, so many in fact that there is not one that you can pick up and run with.

That's because your special skill is not even known to most of humanity. The one skill that you have brought with you my brothers and sisters is that of channeling the divine into Earth. For you to do this you don't need to write books, paint pictures, take photos or anything else. You can of course do these things and you will need to find yourself a career that pays the bills, but your special mission is to BE HERE.

BE HERE on Earth for as long as you possibly can. It will get difficult. But stick it out.

Near you, people will heal, they will harmonize, they will become more psychic, they will become more creative, they will blossom. This is because you skill, your mission and your invisible ability is to bring the light into the core of Earth and Humanity. By being part of this reality, and your Self having a direct connection to Oneness, you act as a path, a channel, a thread that links both dimensions.

If it is getting difficult come to present time and release fear. Don't forget that you are part human now and that means your body, mind, emotions and ego will need nurturing and looking after.


Ascension and the Body

You have probably heard a lot of information about the importance of detoxing the body before attempting an ascension session.

This is both right and wrong.

On the one hand, your body will be able to handle the ascension whether you detox or not. On the other, if you are not physically prepared, you will get very sick.

The physical effects of doing ascension work without the detoxification of the body are not serious, but they are unpleasant. It's possible you will be nauseous, vomiting and with diarrhea for 3 days.

So, it's best to prepare the body :)

This is actually quite easy. Lower the intake of sugar, caffeine, meats, and all processed foods. Eat fresh, raw vegetables and fruits as much as you can, lots of water and other healthy drinks.

If possible make the food yourself using organic products.

If you smoke and or drink, try to cut them out for 24 hours previous to the exercise. I understand that smoking is problematic, and with this, cut down as much as possible if you can't go without for 24 hours.

Don't take any street drugs for at least a week (do try to stop taking them altogether and forever) and only take pharmaceuticals if your life and health depend on them. With regard antidepressants and other mind altering pharmaceuticals, don't stop taking them unless your doctor has given you the OK. With all medicines, ask your doctor for advice on whether you can or cannot stop taking them. There is no reason why you cannot start your ascension work while on meds but it is advisable that you search for and educate yourself on alternative medicines such as homeopathy, herbs etc.. Don't self medicate.

I am not trying to make you think that if you do have to take medications the way will be as easy as someone who doesn't. This is not the case. However, all barriers to ascension are illusion. You are already in that space, you just have to tap into it.

Monday, January 26, 2009

What is the difference between Ascended Being and an Awakened Being?

An Awakened being is the person who has realised there is more to life than just the material world, has the capacity to see beyond the veil of forgetfulness and is in the process of ascension.
An Ascended being is living in a state of Oneness. There is no "individual", but a Oneness consciousness and uses the traits of their human existence to communicate.