Thursday, April 9, 2009

Permanency of Ascension

Once you reach the state of Ascension where you are happy to stay at, and you know it is that space/time/awareness/beingness, that you want to stay at, you will either stay there permanently or come crashing down to your old state of space/time/awareness/beingness and have to work your way back to your state of Ascension again several times.

This second scenario is the most common in our Western society, and most of all in those of us who have very busy and challenging lives.
For us, the periods of Ascension will last longer each time, and the periods of ego will get shorter, although sometimes more intense.
Today, for example, I had my 2 year old in high intensity. That means a day when he wants mommy all the time, screams at the thought of a nap and won't play nice in general. This is a normal state for a 2 year old to be in every few days.

Apart from my two year old's intense company, someone in the house was watching the television at top volume, and others were generally doing things that rub me the wrong way.

I decided that the best solution was to go to my private club, leave my toddler in the supervised playroom while I got some work done. I love doing that, it gives me a break from toddlerhood, they have nice herbal teas and cookies and a nice quietish launge with wifi.

I got there as they were taking the tea and cookies away. They tell me that the Board had ruled that tea and cookies had to be taken away at 4pm... ok... we are in America so perhaps they don't know that 4-5 pm IS TEA TIME. Also, 4pm is when the supervised playroom opens, which means, whoever thought of closing tea and cookies down at 4pm did not think mothers, and the occasional father, who uses the service was worthy of tea and cookies.

I wish I could tell you that I stayed centered, that everything washed over me like it does when one is in a centered and awakened state.


You see, if we lived in a mountain top, with local villagers providing for our daily food, and the only thing we had to do was meditate all day, then sure, our state of Ascension would be a permanent fixture very quickly.

However, we live in a very busy, stimulating and highly challenging world. I feel it, and I have a large house, food, private club, nice car, stable marriage, happy children, great friends and a huge amount of skills to pull from.

Saying all that, it is also true that we can achieve a state of permanent Ascension, even among the most challenging incidents and lives. So how does this happen?

It happens by choice and with focused intention. We do have to find a time, each day, when we can meditate at least an hour. I find that 5am to 6am works great, but it is a huge challenge for me to get up at that time of the morning. My sleep is very important to me. If I don't get enough hours sleep, I can't really function during the day.

As a busy mom, I also find that when I do get to sit quietly for an hour somewhere during the day, I fall asleep with exhaustion.

So what's to do? We have to go straight to the most difficult meditation, to center in the middle of chaos.

The way we can achieve this is by removing all stimulants from our bodies. This means refined sugars, caffeine, excessive carbs, onions, garlic and anything else that “picks us up”.
Not an easy thing to do.

A stimulant free body is a body that will need rest at key times during the day and a good sleep period during the night.

Once the stimulants are removed, your attempts at meditating during the rush hour traffic, among screaming kids, while your spouse is having a bad day, and when you have emotional upsets, will be much more effective.

One of the funniest things about the whole centering experience in our busy western lives, is that for hundreds of years monks, nuns and other people who wanted to get closer to God, have been creating artificial challenges to learn how to get centered while in chaos or pain. Some would take vows of silence, others would go and meditate naked in the snow, and other such extreme measures. They would need these artificially created challenges because most religious temples would not allow married people with children to join their ranks.

So we really have it quite good :)

In the past I would probably not seen past my upset. But even in the middle of it, my center was complete, I looked at the situation and "chose" to get upset. Why? To experience.

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